A Beginner’s Guide to Adding Music on Android Device

Music goes beyond territory and ethnicity. With the coming of the Internet, music became more accessible regardless of the language. There are many benefits of listening to music. The most evident is it can stimulate the release of a chemical called dopamine. This chemical is in-charge for making you happy. If you are happy, stress and anxiety levels will be reduced allowing you to relax more.

Apart from improving the mood, music can also improve exercise performance. When you listen to music with the right tempo, aerobic exercise will be better. It can even improve cognition with those who suffer Alzheimer’s and dementia. Without a doubt, music can improve overall health. For this reason, many therapists consider this as therapy.

With the benefits of music, there is no surprise that mp3 songs free download for mobile increased over time. MP3 is a file format; it has the ability to compress a sound into a smaller file. This is to allow digital storage as well as transmission. Downloading and transferring mp3 is the most popular way for music lovers to add music albums. The thing is, there are many sites and services that permit you to download music.

If you are seeking to download or transfer music on your Android device, the process is just easy. Here are some methods that you can consider as a start:

Through Google Play Music

The easiest thing to do is to open the Google Play Music page on your computer. If you are logged into your account, it will directly open to Google Play Music home. If not, you need to Sign in. Then look for options. It is on the upper-left side of the page. Choose the “Upload music” which is close to the bottom of the pop-up window.

You need to click on “select from your computer” and then select the music folder. After that, you should “select music to add” before clicking “open” at the bottom of the window. This will prompt uploading the selected music. As soon as it is finished, you can play the music using Google Play Music app.

Transferring music files on Windows

If you just need to transfer music files on your Android device from Windows computer, you need to connect the phone to your computer first. Select the Media device (MTP) connection type then open “Start” (Window icon at the bottom). Open your file explorer (a folder-shaped icon) and navigate to your music folder.

After that, you can select the music that you want to transfer by dragging the cursor. Click the “Home” tab and “Copy” followed by “Choose Location”. Remember to click the name of your Android and go to the “Music” folder then click “Copy”. You can finally eject your Android.

The steps depend on the method that you chose. You can even transfer music files on Android device from Mac. However, before downloading or transferring, you should assess it. More importantly, make sure that your operating system, anti-virus, and anti-malware software are updated. This is to protect your computer and mobile device against potential risks.

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