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What is a photographer and why photography?  Maybe you might have thought thousand of time. Why people like to capture the video or photo of any special moment like any wedding or birthday or spending times with special one. So here is the answer you can’t live for long.  As you know life is too short to describe in one line. If you capture the moment spent by your dear one and especially of your marriage then definitely in old days that will make you remind. So why not to be the part of it. You will get one of the great Italy wedding videographers online. There are plenty of such studios who will make your day. So in this article, we will be knowing more in depth.

Rules for marriage in Italy

There are many rules for marriage conducted in Italy. Some of them are as follows:

  • You should check for marriage visa- Visa is necessary for those who visit in Italy to get married or to register a civil partnership from an outside country. All nation of the country are welcome here but one thing should keep in mind is that they have their visa. The countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand etc will need an entry clearance through a marriage visa. In Alexs of a wedding the photographers click the photos so naturally that after a long period of time if you see that photos you feel happy by their work.
  • Book the celebrant- The place Italy is so famous that the wedding ceremonies and photographers can take place almost everywhere. You want your dream wedding come true. For that, you can book your wedding venue fast. The choice is all yours which type of wedding you want to do.
  • Find the appropriate paperwork- All countries have their rules and regulations. Similarly,Scotland also has a rule that the marriage is to take place in the three month period. Not more than that certain period of time. You have to fill the appropriate paperwork.

Alex sofo wedding in Italy

There is so many beautiful locations in Italy such as Aboyne Estate, West Brewery, Aberdeenshire and so on. It is especially natural and documentary wedding photography. So before you think and make any decision that is photography easy? The answer is no! Every profession is not easy.

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