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Regular cardiovascular exercise is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, and the use of a treadmill is a convenient way to achieve this, rain or shine. Exerpeutic TF1000 high-capacity treadmill is, perhaps, the best folding model of its kind. In this review, we will analyze the features and benefits of this popular fitness product.

Principal functions

Exerpeutic TF1000focuses on enthusiasts who participate in special training; It has a powerful 3.5 horsepower engine. With a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour, the Exerpeutic TF1000is one of the most powerful models in the lineup. It also features a tri-color LED display that records speed, time, inclination, pulse, tempo, calories and distance traveled. The console also includes a message panel containing instructions and comments.Maxi Climber


Exerpeutic TF1000includes 6 automatic training programs, as well as 2 additional user programs. These programs can be used with a 1/4-mile tracking function to use the peak and valley schedule as a reference to track the progress of these training programs. Two heart rate control programs are also very useful for losing weight, since the target range is created automatically based on your age for a very safe training.

The Cushion Flex adds comfort, reducing the impact by 40%, which makes it much better than working on asphalt. It also protects the knee area from too many impacts. The user’s capacity is quite high, around 400 pounds, but it can still be folded well for compact and secure storage.

Technical specifications

When fully assembled, the Exerpeutic TF1000treadmill measures 33 inches wide, 80 inches long and 58 inches high. When folded, it measures only 72 by 47 inches. The automatic tilt can be adapted to a maximum class of 15 degrees, offering challenges for the most experienced runners.

The belt has two layers and the roller measures 2.75 inches, which contributes to a smooth and comfortable work. There are also built-in cooling fans that provide comfort during longer exercise sessions, and an additional tray may contain water bottles and other items.

Comments from consumers

Consumer critics praised the Exerpeutic TF1000treadmill for silent silence, especially when the car runs up to 10 miles per hour. Users also noticed the ease of adjusting speed and incline. Taller users liked the wide 20 x 60 race surface, which allowed them to enjoy a prolonged natural rhythm.

The only serious drawback to which consumers referred was the price; this unique treadmill costs around 2000 dollars. Since this is such a serious investment, it is not recommended for walks or runners on weekends. But if you plan to follow a routine and want to build a high quality treadmill for so long, it’s worth seeing the Exerpeutic TF1000.

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