Important Considerations When Constructing Pedestrian Bridge

Wherever you go, pedestrian bridges are there to help you cross the street.  A pedestrian bridge is sometimes called footbridge. Pedestrian bridges are designed to complement the landscape and link two areas together for safe passage. For awareness sake, it is important that you know the considerations when constructing a pedestrian bridge. Here are some:

Location of the pedestrian bridge

Before building a pedestrian bridge, it is crucial that the construction company consider the location as part of their design element. You have to know that when people perceive a pedestrian inconvenient or difficult to access, they won’t use it. This is defeating the purpose of creating one. The accessibility weigh more than the safety. If people continue not to use the pedestrian bridge, it ultimately decreases pedestrian safety at the crossing.

Cost of the bridge

In most cases, sustainable pedestrian bridges or overpasses are expensive. To give access to all people, the bridge needs ramps or even elevators for people with mobility handicaps. To justify the cost, there should be a number of users.

Type of a pedestrian bridge

There are some pedestrian bridges that can accommodate cyclists and animals aside from pedestrian. It will be to your benefit knowing the different types of pedestrian bridge. The different types of pedestrian bridge are as follows:

  1. Suspension bridge: anchors at its ends support this type of pedestrian bridge. It is mostly seen constructed by developing countries because the design is sustainable and efficient.
  2. Plank bridge: this is a rudimentary type of pedestrian bridge. It is usually made of wooden planks. Some plank bridge does not have a handrail.
  3. Stepping stones bridge: this type of bridge features slabs of rock, which are put in the riverbed. People can cross the river by stepping on the stones.
  4. Arch or moon bridge: this type of bridge is commonly found in Japanese and Chinese gardens. It is a semi-circular but high arch that allows passage beneath.
  5. Joist: this is a type of pedestrian bridge that can support loads over a long period of time. A joist is a framing member that is often seen in constructing ceiling and floor system.
  6. Truss bridge: truss bridge is distinct because it features triangles. Triangle is more than a geometric figure. In engineering, the triangle means structural stability.

Finding the right construction company

The success of a pedestrian bridge structure overly depends on the work quality of Construction in Armenia. There are many construction companies that promise good results but only a few deliver results. It is crucial that you find companies that deliver results. If you are tasked to look for a construction company, here are some things that you need to remember:

  1. Do your research: you already scour the company’s profile online and you read a lot of reviews but it should not stop there. Sometimes you need to look deeper. You can start by asking relevant questions to the company.
  2. Work with experienced company: if you want good quality, choose a company that is experienced. This means that they are the best in this field.
  3. Look companies that offer customer support: if construction will exceed the timeframe or if they exceed the budget, it is important that you know someone is there to help you. Their customer support should be available always so you will know your concern is addressed accordingly.
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