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Popularly known as Gio, the founder of Embody Women, anintimacy, relationship and dating expert is Giordana Toccaceli. She has the privilege and honorofhelping men and womenacross the world. Those women whom she has worked with became so attractive and built their relationship with quality men in less time. Many female coaches or many coaches in general, put the main focus only on women but Gio is different in her view. She shows equality between both men and women.

By working with both the genders,it means she has got an understanding of what men see in women and what they are actually looking for in a committed woman. What is the reason forkeeping certain women apart from other ones? Her career taken her across many countries, to learn more about them.Her work includes motivating many people all over the world.Her clients include athletes, many famous personalities, professionals, business people, actors, entrepreneurs and even common people.

Her working career

Her work is not a limited one but it has reached out to many people all over the world through media and has been featured ontelevision outlets like the Fox News,Mindbodygreen and the Elite Daily. She shares her work with people who actually require it. Her Facebook and YouTube videos create a viral sensation each month. She has solutions for finding love after years of being single, getting your ex back and reignition of failed marriages. Her signature procedure transforms women from the inside out and makes them become a magnet for men.

She loves what she does and it is her passion to see women in the world own their birthright and want to attract the love they are deeply desiring. But she can’t connect with everyone at once because of herbusy schedule.She can only serve a limited number of clients at a time. It is not necessary for every woman to invest incoaching but everyoneisborn to be desired. If you are going to enroll in herprogram, you will have the knowledge and power of the feminine energy in you.

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