The Role of a Bride’s Father

The most awaited and feared day for most fathers has finally arrived. This is the day whenthe daughter transforms from a princess to a queen. This is the day your daughter is officially going to have another man in her life. From the day she was born tillnow, you have always cared aboutevery littledetail of hers. After today, she willbecome the responsibility of someone else. A father has many responsibilities at his daughter’s wedding.

Walking her downthe aisle

The sweetest thing about a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle with her father by her side. This is the time when you officially give her hand in marriage. Your main duty here is to bringthebride to church and walk her downthe aisle. Hug her and tell her that she is beautiful. Your heart swells with pride and a part of you wishes this day never came. Don’t show your tears, this might make them cry and ruin their makeup.

The most awaited speech

The father of the bride speech is a very special speech apart from the best man’s speech. Some words of memory and words of appreciation are something that does matter in this auspicious occasion. It would be emotional, no doubt, but keep it short andmake a moving speech. Inthe end, thank the guests and give a toast tothe happily married couple.

The dance

One of the happiest moments of the wedding could be the father-daughter dance. If you miss this, you are going to regret something very important in your life. If you don’t know the dance, then take some basic dance lessons before the most awaited day to surprise your wife and your daughter. They are going to appreciate ita lot. If you want to surprise the guests with something then you can arrange classes for your family as well. The dance would be an eye-catcher for the guests.


A wedding is a stressful event. Be extremely ready for the day. This is a special day; treat it that way. Being a father has some responsibilities and roles to play. Don’t distress because your princess is leaving. Be glad that she is going to start a new life.Give a warm farewell to your daughter with a happy smile.

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