The Three Major Methods to Lift and Move Heavy Furniture

Zak Umzug

When it comes to moving from your current place to a new place, one of the biggest hurdles one has to face is when they have to move their heavy furniture. Very often this is a very tedious task that requires the help of multiple number of people. Thus, making it a headache not just for you but even for those who know you like your friends, neighbors and relatives.Sometimes, lifting up and carrying heavy furniture can also cause some small accidents and result in injuries. An easier way to avoid such situation is by hiring or seeking the help of a moving company. Zak Umzug is one such moving company that provides excellent heavy furniture moving service.Zak Umzug

When it comes to moving heavy furniture, there are several methods to do so. Some might not involve the use of any additional equipment, while some would use some. Here, we will take a look at three major methods to lift heavy furniture.

  • Moving your heavy furniture pieces using sliders

Sliders are an effective way to move all your heavy furniture around during your move. In the method of using sliders for moving your heavy furniture, all you have to do is to place the sliders beneath your heavy furniture; one each beneath each of its legs. Then push the furniture. See, now you can easily move all your heavy furniture around.

  • Moving or lifting heavy furniture by using and additional equipment

In this method, you require an additional equipment like the shoulder dolly or a moving dolly. Other equipment that can be used include using a glossy magazine with smooth surface, or by using a moving blanket.

  • Moving your heavy furniture manually

In this method of moving or lifting heavy furniture, one has to manually perform the task. In this method, you might need an additional person to help you with along with an additional equipment such as a shoulder dolly.

Now, you have seen the three major methods to lift or to move all your heavy furniture. If you are sure that you can move and shift your heavy furniture yourself with the help of a friend or so, then create a plan and proceed with the move. Else, hire the service from a professional moving company. Zak Umzug would be a good example for a company that provides such moving services.

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