With a ban on plastic bags, tote bags have enamoured the buyers to use the wonderful versatile, reusable bag which is the best option for the depleting resources of the earth. The government and local authorities have taken initiative to curb the usage of plastic bags by imposing bans, fines, and taxes on the usage of plastic bags by the vendors. The natural alternative of using cotton or jute tote bags has spread the awareness among customers to go green and not use plastic bags anymore. Try out the new collection of tote bags Katoenentasbedrukken.

tote bag online

How to buy the right tote bag online

the canvas bags are the new trending fashion statements of today’s genZ. The canvas tote bag manufacturer charge for the following when they get offers for customisation. Check out the new collection Linnen tas bedrukken.

  • They charge for the screen printing services
  • There is a minimum order quantity depending on the store.
  • A single tote bag can a minimum of five colours.
  • If you want your logo of your company, organisation etc. send it across in the form of JPG, TIF, etc. online to the mentioned mail ID.
  • A sample that can viewed by the customer virtually is sent so that the approval can be taken for the making of the order placed.
  • In a limited timeis taken to finish the order, depending on the number of orders placed your package will arrive to your mentioned address.
  • You can avail screen printing service on either side or any one side as instructed by the client.
  • The print quantity should be mentioned as per the number of screen prints that are done so it would be the double the number of bags that will need if the print is done on both sides.
  • If you by chance cancel the order before the virtual sample is sent for your approval, you will receive a full refund of your money.
  • Though there is a strict policy of cancellations, returns, exchanges after the approval of the virtual sample that is shown to you.
  • You may ask for nay kind of changes after having a look at the virtual sample and suggest them and then you will be given two mock up choices one is the approved and the final mock up.
  • The material, colour, number of bags and the kind of tote bags can be chosen before you place the order.
  • There are chances of over runs and under runs and if this percentage of damage is more during screen printing, it will fully have reimbursed to the customer.
  • Order the minimum number to be ordered or more will ensure you will lesser, you will save on some money.
  • The product is ensured of good quality and there has no disappointment from the customers and all have valued the work done on the tote bags.
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