Two Storey Extensions – To reconstruct your dream home

Two storey extensions plan is a beneficial option for the families, who want to have extra footage on their construction site. It is not only a cost-friendly idea but it also completely changes the feel and appearance of the house. If you are in the need of an extra bedroom or you want more space in your bathroom, the ideas for a home extension having a two storey building is excellent. While extending your house you will get double space as compared to single storey buildings and the second storey is built at less cost, as foundation and roof cost is low. Thus, per square cost is much less in comparison to a single storey building.

This option also increases the value of the house as it provides double space and also looks better as compared to the single storey building. Most of the people construct a larger kitchen or a larger dining space or a larger living space downstairs and build a larger bedroom on the second storey. If the extension of the building is done after the single storey is constructed earlier, the matching material should be selected to generate the effect as if that part was always there. But if due to the lapse of time it is not possible to match the material, a contrast design and material may also be used. Sometimes, it will look more beautiful and striking. Check out these pointers before you bring the ideas for home extension to reality.

Plan Permissions:

Of course, two storey building plans will have to be approved with local authorities who have their stipulated norms and regulations regarding height and covered area etc. The two storey building must satisfy the norms of size and height and also the proximity rules to neighboring houses.

Cost Variants:double storey extension

Cost of a two storey extension plan will vary according to the quality of construction, which may be classified as economical basic quality, good quality, and high-class quality. However other expenses like, survey cost, architect’s fee, plan permission fee, building control charges, and interior decoration charges will remain almost the same.

Places Of Extension:

Most likely two storey buildings are extended in the rear part of the building because it gives the building a smart look. As frontage of the house is visible from the front road rear extension is the best choice to give the building an elegant look. In other cases where space permits, buildings may be built extended from the sides. It also varies according to the needs of the household.

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