Understand the Bail Bonds Facts

stockton bail

The Bail Bonds are a very complicated process to be understood by a person. Especially when your family member or loved one is arrested and you are under a lot of pressure. The stress that you face in such kind of situation prevents you from thinking out straight. And that’s what Stockton Bail Bonds is here for. The main purpose of the service is to provide the accurate knowledge of the legal process that has to be carried out in case of the arrest.

The key facts that everyone needs to keep in their mind while dealing with the Bail Bonds are described below:

stockton bail

  • The first fact is that the fees of the bail bond are predetermined by the California State Law and hence you agent can’t reduce the fees. So, if your agent is claiming that they can lower the fee amount of the bond, then you must deny his/her help and take the help of a trustworthy firm or agent.
  • Remember that the Bail Bond premium is refundable, so don’t expect that you will get the complete bail amount back.
  • The Judge will determine the bail amount and period according to the status of the accused or defendant. If the person has a criminal record then it can be assumed that he/she will have to pay a high amount for the bail.
  • It is better that you hire a reliable attorney for your help. Many attorneys will only provide you half of the essential information, but at Martinez, they ensure that the client has a complete knowledge of the process and work.
  • Another fact that some people don’t know is that if you get the bail and failed to show up for the trial than your bail will be rejected and the defendant will be taken under custody again.
  • A Bail Bond can sometimes be costly but it is still the best method to get your family member out of the jail.

Although a person can get of bail with the help of Stockton Bail Bond he/she will still face various restrictions. Such as the defendant can’t travel to another state or country, they might have to wear a tracking monitor if the case is severe, and the worst part is that they couldn’t even seek a job or any educational program. But apart from these restrictions, it is comforting enough that your loved one is not jail.

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